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Practical behaviour management strategies designed for children and adolescents with autism

From School to Home: Behaviour Management Strategies for Parents, Carers and Educators of Students with Autism.

This website is aimed at helping parents, educators and carers of people with autism. The information and testimonies are based on the behaviour management approach used by Barwon Valley School in Geelong which was devised and developed in consultation with Jim Crawford a behaviour consultant.

“The primary daily concern for every autistic person is to be safe in the confusing- sentiment based world of Neuro-Typical people.” (Jim Crawford, 2005)

The development of this website has been funded by The University of Ballarat, School of Education. Thank you to Melissa Moynahan who developed the site. Thank you also to Jim Crawford, Alan and Cheryl Harbison who developed documents about the approach and allowed them to be published on the site. Thanks to the parents involved in the research group for their contribution.


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Information brochure for autism consultation with Britt Edwards

Britt offers consultancy for parents, schools, therapists and autism service providers.